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Finding Artwork

Searching Covers


Install qsniyg/maxurl to automatically find links for high quality images when browsing the web.

It is recommended to use the MH Covers cover search engine, which searches from a wide array of online streaming services, music stores and databases.

Enlargening Covers

If an image of sufficient size cannot be found try upscaling an existing image with Real-ESRGAN or waifu2x.


  • For best results with Real-ESRGAN use the realesrgan-x4plus-anime model for anime and realesrgan-x4plus for photos.
  • For best results with waifu2x enable TTA and use the upconv_7_anime model for anime and upconv_7_photo for photos.
  • Both can also be used to remove blur.

Squarefying Covers

If a square image cannot be found try making the closest available image square.

Ways to approach:

  • Resize the canvas smaller.
  • Crop inside the image bounds.
  • Resize the canvas bigger, select a region and fill with content-aware mode.
  • Crop outside the image bounds with content-aware mode.


If the image becomes too small after cropping or canvas reductions try upscaling it first.

Salty | Created 2021/10/21 | Updated 2022/10/29